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Kelly Fitzgerald
Got the disco dome and candy floss machine last weekend for our wee girls birthday party (who's already planning the same again for next year!). Great setup. Sean was super throughout. Came out beforehand to check if the dome would fit as we weren't sure and replied to any messages straight away. Such an enjoyable day. We will definitely be booking again. Highly recommend Bouncearound. Thank u so much.
Geraldine Loughran Power
What can I say I got in touch with Sean to hire a Disco Dome for a charity event and of course nothing was to much trouble it was yes straight away and when it came to the he was there on time everyone had so much fun and Sean was a pleasure to meet and what really blew me away was when it came down to payment let's just say I will be ever thankful you have gone above and beyond would definitely recommend you again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart
Rachel Jackson
Thanks again!. got the disco dome for the kids was worth every penny! see you next time.
Emma Nic Eoin
Excellent from ease of booking to calling before they were due to deliver to see if I was in! They then delivered a very clean bouncy castle with music and lights all explained how everything worked etc arrived to collect everything left as found in the garden and castle was cleaned before it left! (I have never seen this done!)Will defo order again
Used Sean number of times. Great service and friendly lads. Can't recommend them enough.
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Tips for Staying Safe & Healthy in the Hot Tub this Summer

With summer holidays still hanging in the balance, enjoying hot tub hire in the comfort of your own home is the ideal way to relax and appreciate some quality time without the need for the beach. Here are some top tips for staying safe and healthy in the hot tub this summer.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

Before using your hot tub, always make sure that it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It is easy for dirt and bacteria to contaminate hot tub water due to the higher temperatures, which can result in uncomfortable rashes and even e-coli. Always drain and replace hot tub water regularly to prevent microbes growing, along with cleaning out the filter weekly and wiping the hot tub down after each use. Chlorine bromine is the most commonly used hot tub cleaner, so be sure you are using the correct amount to maintain the right pH levels for your hot tub too.

Shower First

Just as you would have a shower before using a jacuzzi at the gym or on holiday, having a shower before you step into the hot tub is essential. This will help to ensure that no dirt or germs that may be lingering on your skin will then end up getting transferred to the hot tub water.

Slippery Surfaces

It's not just the water in your hot tub that could pose a health and safety risk, but the area surrounding it can also be dangerous too without due care and attention. Whether your hot tub is on a patio, decking or grassy area, make sure to watch your step. Losing your grip when stepping out of the hot tub can easily see you slipping and injuring yourself. Equally, rushing to run into a warm hot tub on a cooler evening can also end with falling over if you aren't taking care of potentially slippery surfaces.

Be Aware of Children

Some parents may be happy for older children to use the hot tub too. In these cases, it is very important to keep a close eye on them, just as you would at the swimming pool or on the beach. Even in very shallow depths, children can be at risk of accidental drowning, so if you want to enjoy a family hot tub experience, always be aware of what your children are doing. It is advisable not to let them go underwater in a hot tub and to ensure they're not overheating either, as hot tub water can get rather warm. As well as keeping a close eye on children in the hot tub, it is also a good idea to have some water or juice nearby to avoid younger users getting dehydrated.

Don't Get Too Hot

When it comes to staying safe and healthy with your hot tub, it is important to make sure the water isn't getting too hot. The average human body temperature will be between 35-37 degrees at any given time, so heating the water to 38 degrees is the usual recommended temperature. Most hot tubs will only allow you to heat the water to a maximum level of 40 degrees, but with hot summer weather, this can be far too hot for most users. Instead, try to keep your hot tub at a comfortable 38 degrees during the hotter months if you still want to feel the heat, or go as low as 26 degrees if you want to enjoy a more refreshing, cooler temperature experience.

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